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The Economy & You

The Economy & You (Funding Opportunities for SMEs)

Thu 7th Jan 2016

Most SMEs in the early stage requires capital in addition to support services as they transit to the next level of growth. In most advanced countries, the nature of funding at this stage is both patient and smart! Those that provide this kind of funding are known as Business Angels. The USA is a leading country, boasting of over 300,000 active angels in 2014 with a total investment of over $24b and 3.6 jobs per angel according to Center for Venture Research, USA. The Business Angel Network in Nigeria is still evolving and indeed within the African continent – but SMEs in Nigeria are already keying into this funding window. Join us as Mr.Tomi Davies (TD) – an ICT Expert, author, mentor, founder of the Lagos Angel Network and President of the African Business Angels Network (ABAN) guides us through the importance of a vibrant Business Angel Network to the Economy and You!


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